Experience in working with ethnically diverse clients from around the globe, has made him understand different cultures & their challenges and has given him a unique perspective on healthcare.

Building Relations

It's all about listening to his clients and learning from them, understanding their conditions , clarifying their beliefs and developing a therapeutic alliance so as to build a deeper trust.

A Holistic Approach

Appreciating the whole person and not just the injured tissues, taking into context the various social, psychological, motivational and physical barriers to promote an active lifestyle

Knowing Ashish Dev

``Ashish, the resort's physiotherapist, is in hot demand to tailor-make exercise to counter computer-compromised deltoids, and jogger's aches and pains.``

``Ashish, the resort's physiotherapist, is in hot demand to tailor-make exercise to counter computer-compromised deltoids, and jogger's aches and pains.``

One of India’s leading physiotherapists and integrative healers, with a global following that includes household name Hollywood talent and captains of industry, Ashish’s multi-disciplinary and integrative approach comes from an unusual professional background. Having spent seven years total studying (achieving a Bachelors degree in Physiotherapy; Masters degree in  physiotherapy: Orthopaedics and Sports Rehab, both degrees entirely centred on Western medical traditions), his previous posts include simultaneously juggling patients in thirteen intensive care units at Delhi’s most prestigious private hospital, to state level football teams. He has also worked with special needs youth cases (Autism and Cerebral Palsy) and has been published in a medical journal. As a Fellow of The Academy General Education, he also has teaching experience in biomechanics, kinesiology, anatomy and physiology.

In 2015 he added a holistic and intuitive aspect, with energetic healing, to his
practice joining internationally renowned wellness retreat  in Northern India. He now has a global clientele, many of whom fly in to get treated specifically by him from London, Sydney, Kuwait, Frankfurt, San Francisco and Paris.

The foundation of his approach is patient education: via simple to understand methods and corrective movement strategies, he empowers each patient to locate their own sense of autonomy over their condition. He is relentless in not allowing fear-mongering, nor the formality of diagnostic language to intimidate patients, instead encouraging an embracing of the myriad idiosyncrasies of the human body and working with our healing powers.

His unconventional and often creative methods might include working in the open air using trees as props, combining physio with fitness rehab in patients’ gyms, combining a 1970’s Australian sports rehab technique with modern pilates exercise, treating an immobile MS patient in bed, dry needling or K-taping, as well as manual therapy where needed. He is currently based in Northern India and looking to relocate to London in 2019.


    Building Therapeutic Relationship
    Physical Assessment
    & Goals Setting
    Formulation of Rehabilitation Plan
    Promoting Movement
    & Recovery


Clinical postings at Dolphin Health Centre at Sakya Hospital, Sanjivini Hospital and Lions Club Charitable Trust, Dehradun, 2010
Physiotherapist at HOPES: Centre for Autism & Developmental disabilities, Dehradun, October 2010
Internship followed by critical care physiotherapist, at MAX Hospital, Saket, New Delhi, January 2011-August 2012
Physiotherapist, Relief Physio Rehab Clinic, Uttar Pradesh, June 2014- November 2014
Physiotherapist at Physiotherapeutics, Chowgule Orthopedics and Sports Medicine center, Murgao, Goa, December 2014- March 2015
Physiotherapist for Salgaocar Football Club (Youth Teams), Goa, December 2014-March 2015
Physiotherapist for Goa State Football Team, February - March 2015
Senior physiotherapist and Natural Alignment practitioner at Vana Retreats, Dehradun, November 2015 - present

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``It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease,
than to know what sort of disease a person has``
- Hippocrates

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